Viewer Feature: Selective Loading | Autodesk Platform Services

Autodesk has recently launched the latest version of APS Viewer, previously known as Autodesk Forge Viewer, introducing an impressive feature called selective loading. This feature addresses one of the major challenges in managing BIM, which is the immense size of the model. In practical construction projects, an Autodesk Revit file can easily reach terabytes in size. Even after converting the model into SVF/SVF2 format, the data volume that needs to be transmitted to the client remains in the range of hundreds of megabytes or gigabytes. With selective loading, users now have the ability to filter and display only the specific parts of the model they wish to see. This filtering occurs on the server side, resulting in a significant reduction in the amount of data transmitted.

Using this feature you can improve the performance of your application since the model loading time will be significantly faster, or you can implement “saved views” feature, allowing your users to load just a subset of their designs based on previously stored filters.‚Äč

Source: Viewer Feature: Selective Loading | Autodesk Platform Services