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Using RTL-SDR to Open Car Doors

DIY hardware and software now makes it possible to capture and replay car fob wireless signals. Obviously this can be used for very bad things..

yes, I tested this on two cars and a truck and successfully implemented the attack and door locks opened. Scary to think that anyone can spend less than a few dollars and be-able to grab my laptop if left in the open.

Source: Using RTL-SDR to Open Car Doors


My Hackintosh Hardware Spec

Can’t wait for the new Mac Pro? That’s why the Hackintosh community exists to make a PC run macOS like a native Mac.

Some of you have asked about my exact Hackintosh spec, so here it is. I …

Source: My Hackintosh Hardware Spec


Low-cost 3D printers and crowdfunding suicide – 3D Prototypes and Models

3D printing, IoT, big data. These are buzzwords of the day. 3D printing projects, especially, is extremely popular on crowdfunding sites such as KickStarter. The following article talks about the surge of non-viable 3D printing projects on crowdfunding sites, and the problems they face and poses to legitimate projects. I like the systematic way the author analyzes about the problem and how he presents it.

Line of Viability

Low-cost 3D printers and crowdfunding suicide – 3D Prototypes and Models.

Read this if you are planning to fund a 3D printing project.

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systemcall dot org » Trashing Chromebooks

An article on repurposing Chromebooks as build agents. The more interesting parts of the article are on hardware related issues such as overheating, comparison of hobby-grade hardware vs product hardware etc.

Server rack of Chromebooks

systemcall dot org » Trashing Chromebooks.